Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets Introduction.

     Welcome to the Wholesale kitchen cabinets blog. I will be sharing my insights on what I've learned in the Kitchen cabinet industry over the last 12 years in hopes of getting interesting feedback as well as traffic to our business website  Cabinet Pro

Wholesale kitchen cabinets are supplied to various trade professionals and DIY homeowners as a way to cut down the somewhat expensive undertaking of remodeling a kitchen, bathroom or other area of a home or office that requires cabinetry. At our business we specialize in the nicer quality of cabinets usually considered custom or semi-custom. They are made in the United States and carry a lifetime warranty. The bigger companies are starting to make scaled back versions of their products to be more competitive with their imported counterparts, but keep the same American made quality. This is in the early stages at this point, so we'll just have to see how it goes. The early returns seem to be all positive. The quality is there, so as long as you can afford the price, what's not to like.

There are a ton of generic cabinets out there now being imported and sold as wholesale cabinets. Some of the companies even import and assemble them and will put their brand on them. They tend to charge a little more and from what I've seen the price is close enough to the American made lines that the only real value to these lines is that you don't have to wait too long to get them. They can deliver in about 2-3 weeks. We actually offer two of them Allwood and Fabuwood for our customers that flip houses, or are in a big hurry for some other reason. Fabuwood also offers an RTA version of some of their cabinets that's fairly competitive with other imports. The nice thing about these two companies is they regulate the quality enough so you know you're getting a decent product for these types of projects. 

Cabinet importers or import dealers basically provide the service of receiving the cabinets, shipping them and taking care of all the returns and warranty issues that go along with that type of cabinet. Some of them will provide a design service, but it's pretty basic since that's all the cabinet lines will really allow for, as they are extremely limited. We differ in that we offer name brand American made cabinets that are normally sold at local showrooms. They are very high quality and hand made by American workers. I really don't know exactly why American workers are so good at what they do but I know they are.

These companies aren't churning out top quality products on accident, they are made with painstaking attention to detail, and the most advanced processes they can use. But not all American made cabinets are to that level of quality, and you pay a little more for the really good ones. We choose to deal with really high quality brands such as Woodharbor, Greenfield and Crestwood.  Although there is a smaller market for these companies we avoid some of the very negative issues that can happen within the cabinet industry. These things are damage and poor quality, and when you get down to even the mid level lines of cabinetry such as ones sold in Home Centers we tend to start seeing a lot of these problems. I can tell you as a person that's worked extremely hard all my life, that if I pay 10K dollars for something , I just expect it to be good and I don't care if it's considered " middle of the road" by the dealer. No one tells you that until there's a problem with it anyway. And if I knew about quality problems up front I would have paid the 25-35% difference to get something good. That's how I feel, so I try to treat my customers the same way.

When you're ordering wholesale cabinets you can expect a little less hand holding on the front end. Home decorators and professional designers have either been to school to learn their craft or are naturally gifted at what they do and put in the time to learn it. They deserve to be paid for their time, and a lot of  people really need that help. We do some designing for people, but it's more about incorporating a concept than actually creating one. We aren't onsite so we're not going to be walking around with color blocks oohing and ahhing over them with you. We don't serve wine and cheese either. :-) We don't charge for that stuff either, and believe me, you will pay thousands more for that service.

We are geared toward the cabinet professional. We work with many installers, builders, contractors, designers and others. We also work with do it your selfers who are willing to take on the responsibility of being their own contractor. This means checking all your own measurements and parts list with our assistance. If you are willing to do this, you can get the best prices on the best cabinets in the USA.