Friday, June 3, 2016

Custom Paint Colors

Painted Cabinets are by far the most popular of all finishes these days. They work great with a solid color, antique glazing and distressing, and they offer a great contrast for other paint or even stained finishes. The painted finishes offered by the better American made manufacturers are not really paint at all, but a tinted varnish which can be sprayed on and baked to an extremely hard finish that will last a lifetime and remain looking great the whole time.

One of the issues that often arises for today's cabinet projects is that no matter how many colors a cabinet company offers, sometimes its just not enough. With so many different decorating styles and tastes, you almost need a different color for everyone. In order to solve the problem, some of the manufacturers have teamed up with the larger paint companies like Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore to be able to offer the entire pallet of the paint manufacturers colors.

 With this advance in technology there is no need to settle for a color that's just close to what you want or have someone paint on site for you. Painting cabinets on site usually means a finish that can't be cured properly and won't last more than 5 years or so. Here at Cabinet Pro-Supply we have been working with custom colors for about 5 years now, so we know all the ins and outs of ordering custom colors and getting additional pieces to match a custom finish, so our painted projects  go extremely smooth and trouble free.

If  you're thinking about painted cabinets for your next project, we can help you get exactly the color you want on high quality cabinetry that's made in the USA to last a lifetime.

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